Readdressing Major Urban Highways

Seattle’s 6 case studies for the Alaska Viaduct

CNU’s Freeways without Futures; national list of top teardown prospects

CNU’s Highways to Boulevards

Center for Neighborhood Technology

John Norquist: Tear it Down!

Miscellaneous Freeway Removal Plans & Proposals

ULI’s Tear Down That Freeway!

ULI’s Top 10 Metro Highway Removal Projects

Institute for Transportation & Development Policy: The Life and Death of Urban Highways

Architect’s Newsletter: 7 Cities Consider Removing Major Urban Highways

The Christian Science Monitor: Downtown need a makeover? More cities are razing urban highways

Smart Growth America: Five cities argue the economic case to tear down a highway

Toronto’s Gardiner Expressway: Too late to tear it down?

Tearing down a Baltimore highway provides lessons for DC

Tearing down I-81 in Syracuse would be great for the community

Oklahoma City swaps highway for park

If Okies can do it…

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