Past 10 years of I-35 History

Planning a Compact City in the Midst of Urban Sprawl (1995)

Rebuilding the Lower Deck (1999)

Hitting the Bottleneck (2000)

I-35 Planning Not a Two-Way Street (2002)

The I-35 improvement project is running way behind schedule — in part because it keeps growing (2002)

What Hath TxDOT Wrought? (2002)

Anyway you cut it, I-35 is a major problem with no easy solution (2002)

Easing on down the road will be tough for TxDOT’s I-35 expansion plan (2002)

The I-35 expansion project runs into trouble as it tries to avoid “impacting” historic Eastside properties (2002)

Plan in the works for making bridge over I-35 between Sixth and Eighth streets more hospitable to pedestrian traffic (2007)

Sinclair Black – Austin’s Original New Urbanist (2008)

Ott (City Manager of Austin) won’t abide changing the subject when it comes to I-35 (2009)

Both Roads and Transit; Counting on Traffic Fixes (2009)

City may look at bite-size fixes for I-35 (2011)

Don’t Like I-35? Bury it (2013)

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