East Riverside Master Planning

New Urbanism Comes to East Riverside (2009)

Council to Play Catch-Up on East Riverside (2010)

East Riverside Master Plan at Planning Commission Tonight (2010)

Can the city deliver on East Riverside (2010)

Riding the Riverside Rail; which comes first, the train or the passengers? (2010)

East Riverside: The Road Ahead (2010)

City planners to establish design-based code for East Riverside redevelopment (2010)

Neighborhood dispute lingers after council approves housing project (2010)

A new look for East Riverside? (2011)

Austin City Council considers new development rules for East Riverside (2012)

City considers regulating plan to transform East Riverside Corridor (2012)

East Riverside Drive is about to take the next leap forward in its evolution (2013)

East Riverside Corridor Community Education Initiative – Resources and Research

East Riverside Corridor Master & Draft Regulating Plan

Video Presentation-East Riverside Corridor Update (8/09/11)

East Riverside Future Land Use Map

East Riverside Corridor Development

CAMPOS’S Austin Urban Rail Corridors: Central Austin Circulator- Long Center Spur and East Riverside ABIA: Modern Streetcar/LRT Proposal

East Riverside Implementation Tracking Chart (2012)

City of Austin’s Comprehensive Housing Market Study

Town Lake Waterfront Overlay Map

Town Lake Corridor Development Project Activity (Map + Verbiage)

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