Cutting and Capping Highways

“Highways lids, i.e. ‘Cut-and-cover tunnels’ can be thought of as little more than extremely wide bridge structures built over a depressed freeway. This allows a freeway to be completely hidden from view as it courses underneath a neighborhood. Furthermore, the area on top of the covering structure can be utilized as urban space such as parkland.” (source)

US DOT re: Cut and Cover Tunnels

Urban parks take over downtown freeways (includes case studies)

Cities are increasingly decking highways with piles of greenery and new development

Ohio highway cap at forefront of urban design trend

John Crompton (Tx A&M’s Dept. of Recreation, Park & Tourism Sciences)

The Impact Of Parks And Open Spaces On Property Values

Houston’s Bayou Greenways Benefit Report

New York City’s Inventory of Decking Opportunities Over Transportation Properties

Decking_Inventory_Page_01(click to view the actual .pdf)


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