A Vision for a Reconnected Austin

Imagine turning Austin’s greatest barrier—I-35—into Austin’s greatest connector. Great Streets connecting across the freeway, on bridges so wide you hardly notice the traffic underneath. Frontage roads that function as city streets, comfortable for bicyclists and pedestrians. A reconstituted grid that breaks through downtown’s ring of congestion, providing transit facilities and options for all needs.

We present: Great Streets. Great Bridges. Great Connections.

(Click to enlarge) Phase 1: Great connections and humane streets for all users.

When the main lanes are depressed, structures will be put in place to support a future cap over the freeway. As a City initiative, Phase 2 will entail a full cap, with even better connections and amenities.


  1. I don’t see how building bridges is going to solve the I35 density problem. I live at the Towers of Town Lake. I have seen how the congestion gets worse and worse. There is no longer peak or off peak hours on I35. It is bumper to bumper all day! I am for burying the I35 and putting a cap which will generate some revenue to the city but I prefer how they accomplished this in Dallas. I know this is a much much bigger project but if this is the direction, why can’t we bury the I35 all together instead of creating bridges. Bury it so you don’t see it and create a special lane for semi trucks or re-route them to the tollways. Truck companies can apply for a tax rebate to justify the toll charges.


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