Reminder: TxDOT Virtual Open House

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has opened their Virtual Open House.

This is your opportunity to let TxDOT know how you would like the urban core of I-35 rebuilt (from Lady Bird Lake to MLK).  They have two alternatives to comment on:

1.       Rebuild the Urban Core of I-35 much like it is today, where the main lanes are elevated over our surface streets.

2.      Rebuild the Urban Core of I-35 with depressed main lanes, with bridges and caps across, at surface street level.

We at Reconnect Austin are advocating for a full cap that truly reconnects Austin and fully restores the fabric of our city.  The Reconnect Austin alternative is not posted on TxDOT’s Virtual Open House.  However, we urge you to advocate for the depressed alternative they are currently showing.

It is critical that TxDOT hear from our community at this time.  If TxDOT hears from YOU that Austin prefers the depressed alternative, we will be closer to creating the best solution for Austin.

To view TxDOT’s alternatives for the Urban Core follow this link:                    

Please forward this message to your membership, your friends, your social network, and your co-workers.  We need as many people as possible to follow the link and let TxDOT know what they believe would be the best choice for Austin.

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