Smart Growth America Foot Traffic Ahead Report

TxDOT I-35 Cap Ex Central Team,

Smart Growth America puts out a report on walkable urbanism annual. This year’s report Foot Traffic Ahead is attached here and submitted as part of the public record for the DEIS. The report notes:

Walkable urbanism will provide as fruitful an economic base for the 21st century economy as drivable suburbanism did for the late 20th century and will be far more environmentally resilient by enabling lifestyles that use far fewer carbon emissions via less per-capita household energy use and emissions from driving.

When we hear state leaders talking about economic development with I-35 Cap Ex Central they typically ignore local economic development and the importance of being able to walk within a city, including along and across the I-35 corridor. For the 21st Century and beyond is increasingly important that people are able to walk comfortably, safely, and able to access the goods are services they need.

This is a large part of why the Austin community, along with our elected officials, has repeatedly requested more connections points across I-35, a continuous cap from Holly St. to Airport Blvd, attention to local economic development, compliance with the City of Austin Climate Equity Plan, alignment with the City of Austin Strategic Mobility Plan and Great Streets Master Plan, and safe shared use paths that are protected by trees (between the SUP and any clear zones).

Thank you,

Heyden Black Walker, Director of Planning
CNU-a, National Walking College Fellow
Black + Vernooy Architecture and Urban Design